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Can I Detox if I have Cancer?

The GSG Detox, and Chris Square One course, are very complementary. Chris Square One course goes far beyond diet....and we highly recommend the Square One course as well. And Chris Wark highly recommends our detox.

The only cancer patient we wouldn't recommend doing the detox is possibly a stage 4 patient very underweight due to cachexia.

If you've been through chemo, you have a far higher toxic body burden than most, and those chemicals need your detoxification pathways optimized, to release.

If you did radiation, you have billions of burned cells wanting to heal.

And even if you didn't do any chemo or radiation, toxicity is often one of the root causes of cancer.

So, as you can tell, we are big fans of cancer patients detoxing. Robyn is a cancer researcher and has studied holistic cancer treatment at 19 clinics all over the world. All of them employ various means, including those in this program, of helping you clean house.


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