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How do I use a coupon code?

Coupon Codes

Coupon Codes are used to offer discounts or issue store credit to customers who order from the GreenSmoothieGirl shop. Please enter your codes in the cart prior to Checkout.

Some codes are restricted by product, date, email address, or price, and some cannot be combined or reused. While codes have various uses, they are all called Coupon Codes and are applied to an order the same way.

How to Use Coupon Codes

Coupon Codes are entered in the cart. If your cart is empty, the code cannot be entered. After adding a product(s) to your cart, you can enter your coupon code.

  1. Enter the coupon code (copy and paste is recommended for accuracy)
  2. Click Apply Coupon
  3. Wait for the cart to apply the discount
  4. If the code cannot be applied, a message will appear at the top of the page
  5. Cart Totals will reflect the discount amount
  6. Proceed to Checkout

Use The Correct Email Address

Some codes are restricted by email address. You must checkout using the email address to which the Coupon Code was sent. Tip: If you use an email account to check multiple email addresses, double-check which address it was originally sent to.

If you log into your account to place the order, make sure the email address of your account matches the email address assigned to the coupon code.

Find your account email address in the Billing Address section of the Checkout page.

Quick Help

  1. copy & paste the coupon code with no additional spaces
  2. use the correct email address during checkout
  3. some sale items are not eligible
  4. some coupon codes cannot be combined
  5. tried everything but code still not working email Webmaster

Coupon Code Not Working?

Common causes and solutions when a coupon code doesn’t work.



code was entered incorrectly

enter the code correctly

products in the cart are ineligible

choose other products or remove ineligible products

billing email address doesn’t match the address to which the coupon code is assigned

use the correct email address during checkout

minimum spend not met

add more items to cart to meet the coupon’s minimum purchase amount

code has already been used

code is invalid

code has expired

code is invalid

Common Error Messages

Black bar with no message

Computer settings may prevent the error message from appearing.

Please review your coupon code.

Coupon does not exist!

Code entered incorrectly. Review coupon code.

Remove spaces before or after it.

Sorry, it seems the coupon “abc” is not yours – it has now been removed from your order.

The coupon code is restricted by email address.

Checkout using the correct email address.

Sorry, it seems the coupon “abc” is invalid – it has now been removed from your order.

The coupon code is restricted by cart contents, or cart is empty.



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