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When is the next live Detox?

Robyn hosts a supported group detox annually. You can request to be notified when our next group detox happens. When we know the exact date, it will always be shown on the Detox Portal.

Group detox is an amazing community event. Many detoxers participate so they can be on track with others in the support group. Even if you can't begin on the exact start date, it's great to be detoxing with the group having a common goal and supporting each other. During the group detox, there are Q&A events where you can ask questions or share with the group. These dates are also listed in the Detox Portal.

A benefit of our detox program is that it allows you to perform a personal detox at any time that is convenient for you, on your own or with a group of friends. All the instructions you need to go through the detox can be found in the detox manual, so start whenever you’re ready!

Lifetime members can access the portal anytime indefinitely. Full Support members can access the portal for 3 months.

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