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What if I’m not losing weight?

Most Detoxers lose weight in the first phase of the detox.

(My daughter and I each lost 7 lbs. despite being in our “ideal” weight range. Those with a more significant amount of weight to lose lost 8-20 lbs.)

If you did not lose weight in Phase One, you should definitely go to a practitioner in natural (bioidentical) hormone solutions and have a workup done.

Not just a T3 measurement, but a full blood panel.

It is fairly expensive and many insurance companies won’t pay for the blood test, so ask your bioidentical practitioner if she knows an M.D. to write the prescription, if that works for your insurance.

But this is a must-have if you are not losing weight on 800 calories a day or less!

With severely depressed thyroid function, you cannot lose weight.

And this is a problem for a significant portion of the population, particularly women. Along with an inability to regulate metabolism, low thyroid will make you tired and irritable, among other symptoms.

If you haven’t lost any weight, or less than you’d like in Phase II and III, see the Changing Your Body’s Weight/Fat Set Point section in the manual on the importance of leveling-off periods.

These periods are normal in a sustained effort to change your body’s set point for weight and fat ratio.

During these two phases, you must be patient and focus on the detox benefits.

Then you should see another weight drop in the last five days of the detox. I personally lost 4 lbs. in the first phase, and another 3 lbs. in the last phase. I lost only 1 lb. in the two middle phases combined, and my weight bounced around during that period.

You can control your consumption of any of the dishes in this week’s menu to no more than 1½ cups, to increase the likelihood of weight loss.

However, I would prefer you have a healthy helping of Lentil Soup, Hippo Soup, Black Bug Soup, oatmeal, or sweet potato to keep you feeling satisfied.

Long periods of hunger are deadly to any diet because we have only so much willpower.

Do not exceed quantities of avocado and nuts if weight loss is a goal for you.

In general, do not decrease your amounts of Green Smoothies or other raw food in favor of cooked food. As long as you’re following the recipe, they are not the reason you may not lose weight at some phases.

Besides plain veggies, they are the lowest-calorie, highest-micronutrient thing you can eat.

And because you can consume a lot of it in a short time, it fills your stomach quickly with nutrient density.

So, all the raw food quantities in this program are mandatory.

Cooked food is optional, and you can always eat less of it (though I highly recommend eating your full portion of breakfasts).

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