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Do I have to eat everything on the meal plan?

No, you don’t.

As your metabolic needs decline and you adjust to cleansing over three phases, you will likely find yourself needing less food.

The raw food is the most important, although it’s okay to have less of it, as long as you aren’t eating other foods disallowed on the program.

The cooked food is the least important, so eliminate those foods first if the menu plan calls for more than you want to eat.

The cooked food is there for three reasons.

The least important one is that some people feel they need hot, cooked food for their sense of well-being, simply because of lifelong habit.

The second one is to provide enough calories to keep you comfortable while not slowing down your cleanse significantly like other refined or low-fiber foods would.

And the most important reason: the cooked food is included to provide lots of fiber, the bulk that drags and cleans the digestive tract, while the raw, fresh juices are “cleaning house” with phytonutrients and rebuilding tired organs.

You may eliminate any of the cooked foods. If you want to replace it, more Green Smoothies or vegetable juices are always allowed.



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