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What if I don't have time to cook?


There are a few main dishes in Phase IV that involve 30 minutes of food prep/cooking. The rest of the food on the menu is very simple to prepare. If you don’t want to do ANY food prep, consider two ideas:

  1. If you have more money than time, hire someone. I have help at $12/hour who juices for me and makes Green Smoothies and salads. I made my own everything for 43 years, so I did my time. Nothing to feel guilty about—think of a health-conscious homemaker who might be happy to have a job working several hours a week for you, where she can bring a little one along.
  2. Choose a “buddy” to do the detox program with you, who maybe struggles for cash paycheck to paycheck, and see if she will do the food prep if you pay for all the groceries. I have seen several symbiotic relationships with this arrangement, where everyone gets what they want most! Some people have more time, and some people have more money. Matching up one person from each of those categories can be a match made in heaven. Or share food-prep tasks with your buddy, as I describe in Phase I, and it’s easy! It’s best if your detox buddy is someone you live with, or who lives very close to you, or is a coworker. Then you can plan together and exchange food.

Another thing to consider, though, is that the most important thing in the menu plan is also one of the easiest. That’s the Green Smoothie. If you did nothing but Green Smoothies, you’d have a tremendously effective detox. (Most people prefer to chew some food, though!) Doing as much Green Smoothie, and as little other food as possible (or only the easiest things, like baked potatoes and oatmeal), is a brilliant way to rest your organs and give your body time and space to rebuild.

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