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What about Adrenal Fatigue? Will your program help?

Just wondering if you have had success with your program in treating quite severe adrenal fatigue. Don’t have addison’s so adrenals are still viable but pretty exhausted.

I also have thyroid autoimmune so am struggling with no energy, gut issues, etc.

My doc is wary of juice cleanses and whole foods in general (sheesh!) as thinks it will be too “stressful” for my system. Thoughts?

I wouldn’t stay with a doctor that was “wary” of the foods people ate for thousands of years until we all became sick due to the processed-food diet.

What’s stressful for your system is being under siege by your own body so confused and misfiring that it’s attacking some of your glands. This tends to continue, in stage III and IV of auto-immune disease. And without significant attention to diet, all the drugs in the world that are likely your doc’s solutions, do not heal. They cover symptoms, which make you more comfortable while your disease progresses.

Returning to a disease-preventative diet isn’t option, in our humble opinion. What’s “stressful” to your “system” is genetically modified food, processed food with proteins you’re reacting to, chemicals in soda, booze, energy drinks, acids and tannins in coffee, nitrites and other carcinogens in processed meat…..I’ll stop there, but that’s what’s stressful. Not organic, natural, plant-based, healing foods.

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