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Where are your products sourced from?


Protein: Pea: US Quinoa: Peru Agave Inulin: Mexico. Processed and packaged in USA

Protein/superfoods combo: Pea: US Quinoa: Peru Agave Inulin: Mexico Flax: US Chia: Mexico Hemp: US Vanilla: Madagascar Green Tea: India Superfood Blend: various Processed and packaged in USA

Flax​​​​​​​​: Canada

TriOmega: Flax: Canada Broccoli: Canada Chia: Australia

Gardenvites: Vitamin Blend: USA Superfood Blend: various

Additional ingredients:

Monkfruit (Japan) is non-GMO, but isn’t organic because there is currently only one source of organic monkfruit, and it is from China--GSG doesn’t source from China, and the supply chain is also not yet reliable.

Natural Vanilla Flavor: non-GMO tapioca maltodextrine, non-GMO rice concentrate

Natural Chocolate Flavor: non-GMO tapioca maltodextrine

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