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I have IBS, with all the fiber I’m afraid it will make it worse. Should I be concerned?

Ironically, people with IBS need fiber and micronutrients MORE than all of the rest of us.

IBS comes from a diet devoid of nutrients (including micronutrients and fiber that greens/veggies/fruits in green smoothies ROCK at)…..but yes, some really ill people do tell us that they “aren’t supposed” to have high fiber foods.

You may want to work on rehabbing your gut first for a while….eliminating all dairy and processed foods and gluten……take a great probiotic and do as many as you can, of the habits in 12 Steps to Whole Foods course……then come back to the detox when you can tolerate whole foods.

Most folks with serious gut disease do really WELL with our detox, but again, ironically, it’s the lack of fiber that is part of what causes IBS in the first place. (But yes, we know that doctors often tell you to stay off fiber. That’s for your comfort, not for your health.)

High-fiber foods are ALSO all the most nutritious ones that have the power to help you get back on top of your health.

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