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Does your product substitute food prep?

Our products supplement the detox but they don’t replace the food prep. The products are completely optional, although they do enhance the experience and provide many benefits.

However, the food prep is not optional.

We’ve really optimized the detox over the years and minimized the amount of food prep as we’ve improved the product based on past experience and feedback.

You can expect to spend about an hour or two of shopping and prep every couple of days. This is one reason why we suggest finding a buddy to do the detox with you, so that you can share food prep.

Unlike most detoxes, this is a food based program.

We are using the most detoxifying foods. You don’t need to take any supplements.

Our program doubles as a non-definitive food sensitivity test (it will give you very good clues, while medical testing is more definitive).

While we may recommend a few supplements, they are entirely optional.

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