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I don’t like carbs and need and want my meat. Why should I do this?

It's the current "diet fad" to vilify carbohydrates.

Watch and be patient. It will shift.

Carbohydrates are the main fuel source for the human liver, and THESE are the foods that contain all the fiber. We don't have the gut of a cat (straight from mouth to anus); we have the very, very long digestive tract of organisms who need TONS of fiber.

If you personally like more protein, use the GSG protein in your smoothies.

A detox diet is NOT a diet that involves animal meat (no fiber. virtually no micronutrients. usually steroids, hormones, antibiotics. also carcinogenic nitrites / nitrates in processed meats like bacon, hot dogs).

People who are schooled by people brainwashed in the cult (current cult: paleo and now ketogenic is bumping it out) obsess over macronutrients.

You are right now getting massively more micronutrients than you ever have before, in the most healing foods on the planet.

Sometimes, especially for meat eaters, you'll experience weaknesses of various kinds. Don't mistake that for "my body needs more protein." Any carnivore who shifts to a plant-based diet will tell you that is the way of it.

Again, we aren't trying to make vegetarians of you, but it would be dishonest of us to put you through a detox that rests and repairs the colon, kidneys, and liver, and feed you meat.

You can actually get IDEAL amounts of protein eating plants---and greens are high in plants. The most detoxifying foods are found in the carbohydrate class.

Robyn wishes everyone would get over what the diet industry taught them, that "carbs" are bad.

Donuts and bagels are bad.

Millett and blueberries are fantastic foods and resemble each other like a Hyundai resembles a Mercedes on the freeway (that is, they're both cars, and that's about it.)

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