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What if I don’t like the plant based diet?

We aren't suggesting a long term plant based diet is what you should adopt.

This is just 26 days of not eating meat, which millions of Hindus do their entire life, all body types do. Every indigenous culture went at least 26 days eating plants only, when they couldn't hunt, for over a thousand years.

It's a Standard American Diet convention to worry about "getting enough protein." Now, coming OFF a meat diet can certainly cause discomfort, but make sure you read about common cleansing reactions (foggy brain certainly one of them)--you may be misreading "wacky brain" to be "so many carbs"--- it's far more likely that you're in the cleansing process and experiencing an adjustment.

Nothing better you can do, if you're prediabetic, than this detox. Eating meat is a BAD idea for diabetics and prediabetics, and carbohydrates have been 60-80 percent of humans' fuel source across cultures, forever.

These are all WHOLE carbohydrates which shouldn't spike your blood sugar, and there's a significant amount of healthy fats in your breakfast as well, and some great plant protein.

Animals are just animals---not protein.

Plant foods have much LESS protein, but lots of data shows that the S.A.D.'s excessive protein (20%) is the perfect cancer-starter diet. We're actually trying to help you detox from billions of undigested protein fragments in the blood and other tissues.

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