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Can't I just do a water only enema? Why do I need coffee enema?


I wouldn't say that a water-only enema is going to give you the positive experience we've written about.

The coffee creates a glutathione production rush, as well as dilates the hemmorhoidal vein and the bile ducts in the liver, allowing the liver to dump toxic materials and it evacuates the body.....causing a feeling of euphoria and energy for most.

However, it's a good toe in the water, and way to adjust to the practice. Make sure you eliminate all the water. Get up and massage the colon while making sure to expel it out. You do that step to clear the lower colon of debris. Depending on what's in there at the moment, you might have a hard time getting the coffee in sometimes.

Remember that people all over the world do high-power professional colonics with great results.

This is really a small step that direction.

By the way, I'm NOT a fan of healthy people doing this for longer than this detoxification period, twice a year. The colon should work on its own, given a period of rest, cleaning out.....then a high-fiber diet rich in nutrient-dense foods.

It's normal that it's different, day to day--depending on what's in your colon and where! (pretty hard to predict it, right?) 4 minutes is a bare minimum but very worth doing! Remember your liver filters your entire blood supply every 4 minutes! So the longer you can hold it in before expelling the better.

Make sure you get a good clean organic coffee. Coffee is one of the worst pesticide laden foods there is.

Gas is normal, after an enema, it's just air in there, don't worry about that.

And if you get slight bleeding don't worry, you didn't perforate your colon--it's an EXTREMELY strong muscle. Probably just scratched the anus a little. Just go 1” to 2” deep

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