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Why sprouted nuts?

Sprouting neutralizes enzyme inhibitors and unlocks lots of fabulous nutrition that is unavailable to you until water is added to the seed. (Think about what would happen if you planted a seed and didn't add water. LIFE doesn't happen.)

Once it's soaked, all those enzymes are unlocked, and your body can use them. To lighten the load of the digestive systems, especially pancreas and liver that supply digestive enzyzmes and have only a limited ability to do so, in our lives.....because we were programmed biologically to need and eat a lot of RAW foods with enzymes.

Sprouting also neutralizes any phytates.

Make sure to take my 12 Steps to Whole Foods course. One of the 12 steps is all about sprouting, and making yummy crunchy snacks and using LIVING foods made by sprouting nuts, seeds, grains.

It's the holy grail in your nutrition. Eating more LIVE foods.

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