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Can you give some help on understanding food labels?

Can you give some help on understanding label choices?

Low sodium but high sugar? Low sugar but high sodium? How is one to know?

I agree that buying anything packaged and canned is FRUSTRATING because manufactures cater to standard american diet tastes, NOT to us health nuts.

So, if I use a canned item, my FIRST priority is that it is organic.

There should be no sugar or other strange additives.

As for salt, good luck with that one! Salt is in everything, so I live with it and I just don’t add additional salt to a soup or main dish or whatever. I let the canned tomatoes for example provide it.

And speaking of tomatoes, you can find tomatoes with without salt added. Please don’t worry about the sugar in the tomatoes or fruit themselves...unless you’re in some kind of diagnosis/medical restriction about counting these things with a practitioner you trust, nobody ever got diabetes from eating fruits, or tomatoes.

The thing to avoid is added sugar.

Another tip: If I buy organic canned beans, I rinse them! (Bye bye extra salt).

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