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Would an underactive thyroid be caused by inflammation? Would it improve by eating this way?

Would an underactive thyroid be caused by inflammation and would it improve by eating this way? I have put on so much weight and the thyroxine does not help it.

We don’t diagnose, treat, or prescribe of course….but the food we eat (or don’t) is at the root of all inflammation.

Inflammation is at the root of all disease.

So it makes sense that while we may ALSO do other things besides address the diet…We HAVE to address the diet piece. This is a very low-inflammation diet. Sometimes functional medicine practitioners will take sufferers off all grains and some legumes, especially if you’re tested for food sensitivities. Giving the body space and time to heal. These are GOOD foods but taming the inflammation may be a good thing.

Just know that if anyone tells you this, long term, when you’ve healed a bit, those are GOOD foods. (says 10’s of millions of africans, indians, and other people who don’t eat meat OR processed foods, and have approximately ZERO heart disease and other inflammatory conditions).

You also may want to look for a BIOIDENTICAL practitioner in your area, to look at MORE than just your TSH that they likely used to measure “thyroid”…’s more complex than that, and if you’re gaining weight while not overeating, I suspect you want to work with a food FUNCTIONAL medicine practitioner specialized in BIOIDENTICALS and get a FULL BLOOD PANEL workup to get to the root of what a possible hormone imbalance could be? Drugs alone can’t be the whole answer.

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