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If we are to eat no dairy, meat, and nuts...Where is our protein source coming from?

If we are to eat no dairy, meat, and nuts, where is our protein source coming from?

How many grams of protein does the cleanse allow daily?


The dairy and meat industry may have you fooled into thinking that they, and only they, have protein!

Spinach, for instance, is over 40% protein.

The world health organization calls 5% protein in the diet “ideal.” You’ll be getting about 10% protein, which is what tens of millions of healthy vegetarians the world over get (the ones who eat whole foods, who are primarily in the middle east).

So, while this program is lower in protein because most of us have billions of protein fragments in our blood, colon, and elsewhere, that the immune / detox systems of the body need to CLEAN UP, so what we DON’T need in a cleanse is excesses of protein……if you feel you NEED more protein for sports or weight lifting purposes, or you’re so used to a high animal-protein diet that you see your energy drop, just get SUPERCLEAN protein sources.

You’re getting the healthiest proteins, fats, and carbs. The protein obsession is nothing more or better than the latest food fad invented by the diet and processed food industries.

We need to all let go of our obsession with maximizing protein, and just make sure we eat CLEAN protein.

After the detox, assuming you go back to eating animal proteins, be sure to get organic eggs, and free range, wild caught, organic sources of those animal products!

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