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What are some things that can and cannot be used during Detox?

Things that can be used on the Detox:

  • Cacao
  • Protein powder (in any phase, berry or natural - berry has no sugar, only a little stevia and non-GMO flavor)
  • Epson Salt baths
  • Spices
  • Herbal teas (non-caffeinated only)
  • Pickled foods and sauerkraut (as long as there is no salt involved)
  • No salt spices
  • Grapefruit juice instead of lemon juice during gallbladder flush
  • Nutritional Yeast


Things that can’t be used on the Detox:

  • Bragg’s Liquid Aminos: soy and salt are no bueno
  • Traditional yeast
  • Kombucha
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