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How do I join or start a co-op for Group Buy orders?

We have set up a Group Buy Forum for that purpose.

Indicate on the forum whether you want to organize the co-op or join one organized by someone else.

Coordinators can calculate prices, email members, break orders down, and arrange for pickups.

We have provided Group Buy Forms and Worksheets.

Coordinators can use these to organize a group order with friends and community, and also earn some income. The forms make it easy for organizers to set prices for their group. (We recommend a markup of 20% or less.)

To organize a group, ask someone you know interested in health and nutrition, and ask that person who she knows, and so on. Networking can yield a large list of people who want to participate in your group buy.

You can reuse and maintain the list of people to do group buys in the future.


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