• Why is there a Prop 65 warning on GreenSmoothieGirl products?

    In 1986, the State of California passed the Safe Drinking Water and Toxic Enforcement Act, Proposition 65 (Prop 65) that applies not only to water, but also consumer goods sold in California. Companies are required to place a warning label on any product sold within the State of California that may expose a consumer to one or more substances deemed by the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. The current list maintained by the State of California contains over 900 substances (https://oehha.ca.gov/proposition-65/proposition-65-list).

    Many of the substances on the Prop 65 list are not distinguished between naturally occurring in the environment or are now present due to industrial activities (industry contaminants). Some of the substances accumulate in varying amounts, at different times, and different geographical locations around the globe and can be absorbed by plants grown in the soil.

    GreenSmoothieGirl's products contain naturally occurring elements that are included on the Prop 65 list of substances that require a warning. The occurrence of these elements is to be expected and the result of the presence of these naturally occurring elements in the soil and environment.

    The substances set by California on the Prop 65 list are significantly different from standards established notably by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), World Health Organization (WHO), and European Union (EU). Levels of substances that are known to the State of California to cause cancer would have to exceed the prop 65 standards by more than 1,000x before there is an observable effect on the rate of birth defects.

    We test our products for quality and purity and we stand behind every product we sell. We are constantly working to ensure that our products are the best available and meet the standards of our amazing customers.



  • Free 12 Steps eBook Eligibility

    To be eligible for the free 12 Steps Manual eBook, your blender order must be placed through the link in our shop. Click the button that says, “Buy on Blendtec”. The link will take you to the Blendtec.com to place your order. Cookies must be allowed from our site and Blendtec.com. This is how we track eligible orders.

    To ensure your order goes through our link, avoid visiting any other pages or clicking any other links before completing your purchase at Blendtec.com. Clicking another link or visiting another website could override your eligibility for the free 12 Steps Manual eBook.

    If you order through a non-GSG link, it is not eligible for the free eBook.


    Visit the GSG shop anytime to purchase the 12 Steps Manual.

  • I'd like information on the Infared Sauna

    Robyn's overview of the benefits of sauna use.

  • How are your products made “raw?”


    The best short answer is "dehydrated."

    It's a little more complicated since we have a raw product (i.e. over 95% of the product was dried at under 120 degrees F).

    Everything except the Maca and Spirulina (which wouldn't be safe raw) is dehydrated in various ways under 120 degrees to maintain the raw status.

    For example, the Noni Fruit is dried over 3-4 weeks in natural shade under controlled conditions. The Mesquite pods go in a low-temp dehydrator at 100-104 for 4 hours before cold-milling. Stuff like that.

    The goal is to remove the moisture from the ingredient so that it can't grow microorganisms (and pass the "micro" test both into the copacker's as an ingredient, and back out as a mixed product).

  • Where are your products sourced from?


    Protein: Pea: US Quinoa: Peru Agave Inulin: Mexico. Processed and packaged in USA

    Protein/superfoods combo: Pea: US Quinoa: Peru Agave Inulin: Mexico Flax: US Chia: Mexico Hemp: US Vanilla: Madagascar Green Tea: India Superfood Blend: various Processed and packaged in USA

    Flax​​​​​​​​: Canada

    TriOmega: Flax: Canada Broccoli: Canada Chia: Australia

    Gardenvites: Vitamin Blend: USA Superfood Blend: various

    Additional ingredients:

    Monkfruit (Japan) is non-GMO, but isn’t organic because there is currently only one source of organic monkfruit, and it is from China--GSG doesn’t source from China, and the supply chain is also not yet reliable.

    Natural Vanilla Flavor: non-GMO tapioca maltodextrine, non-GMO rice concentrate

    Natural Chocolate Flavor: non-GMO tapioca maltodextrine

  • Ultimate Minerals


    Ultimate Minerals Directions and Dosage

    Ultimate Minerals Directions: Shake before use (Some settling is normal). Dilute 1 serving in  8 oz of pure, non-chlorinated water. No refrigeration needed. Do not freeze.

    Serving Size: 1ml (1 dropper pull or about 25 drops)

    Servings Per Container: 120

    Recommended Use: 3 Servings per day, spread throughout the day, for maintenance. New users should begin with one serving per day, adding one serving each week until achieving the recommended dosage of 3 servings per day.


    Are Ultimate Minerals okay for infants and children?

    Yes. For children 12 and under we recommend half a dose. So slowly work up to half a dropper pull in purified water twice a day. For infants it’s probably best to only do half a dropper 1 time a day.


    Do the Ultimate Minerals contain Heavy Metals?

    Ultimate Minerals undergoes heavy metals testing and is free of heavy metals. Any trace minerals in Ultimate Minerals traditionally associated with "heavy metals" (lead, etc) are in the organic, ionic form used by organisms (including humans) for necessary cellular function. They are not in the isolated, processed form that is toxic to living organisms.


    Where are the Ultimate Minerals Sourced From?

    Our minerals are sourced out of the Fruitland Formation in Texas.


    What Minerals Are In the Ultimate Minerals Product? What are the amounts of each mineral?

    Because fulvic/humic acid is "mined" from ancient plant deposits in the Fruitland Formation, the amounts of each micronutrient (minerals, vitamins, aminos, etc) is going to vary with each batch produced, so to attempt to put an amount on each is folly.  The substances typically found in Fulvic/Humic acid are as follows.


    Mineral List




    Glutamic Acid
















































    Vitamin A





    Vitamin B





    Vitamin B12





    Vitamin B2





    Vitamin B3





    Vitamin B6





    Vitamin E
















    Amino Acids







    Should I be worried about Mineral Overdose while taking the Ultimate Minerals?

    Fulvic acid contains trace amounts of both macro and trace minerals; it is not the amount of each mineral and other nutrients inherent to fulvic acid, but the type and balance of minerals that is important in fulvic supplementation.  Unlike rock-derived minerals, the minerals in fulvic acid are plant-derived and thus organic and ionic, meaning readily bioavailable and absorbed differently than rock-derived minerals.

    This also means that these minerals are not in isolation as when a person takes a calcium supplement, but work together as nutrients from plant food does, decreasing any risk of overdose on any one nutrient.  As I am not a scientist or doctor, I can't state that there is NO risk of overdose, but knowing how these substances work synergistically, my own opinion is that overdose risk is so miniscule as to be negligible to nonexistant.

    Fulvic acid is not recommended to replace doctor-recommended supplementation of single macro minerals like calcium, magnesium, or potassium, or even a trace mineral like iron.  There is simply not enough of any one of these minerals to correct a medically-significant deficiency of an isolated mineral, especially macro minerals.  

    However, I would suggest that a fulvic supplement is much much more than a way to address trace mineral deficiencies on an isolated-mineral level.  Its composition, form, and function is a whole-organism approach to supporting health. Providing a source of organic trace minerals is one of those functions.


    What is in the Ultimate Minerals and how does it work?

    To be clear, Ultimate Minerals is a fulvic and humic acid supplement. Though it does naturally carry minerals, trace minerals, vitamins, amino acids, and elecrolytes,  fulvic acid and humic acid's value is in HOW those are carried and how it operates on cells.  From a 3rd party article on Livestrong:

    “Because fulvic acid provides electrolytes that enhance the electric potential of cells, this can also benefit mineral deficiencies that may be rooted at the cellular level. For example, deficiencies of iron, calcium and magnesium can be more difficult for your cells to absorb without adequate levels of fulvic acid present in the body.”

    We call our product Ultimate Minerals because the rare trace minerals in fulvic/humic is usually why people take a fulvic/humic supplement, and because these minerals are particularly bioavailable because of the unique molecular structure of fulvic and humic acids.


    Do the Ultimate Minerals Expire?

    The Ultimate Minerals won’t go bad since they are essentially dirt, but we recommend that you store the Ultimate Minerals in a cool dark place consume them within 1-2 years to avoid thickening.


    Do you test your Ultimate Minerals for Heavy Metals?

    Yes we most certainly do test for heavy metals. This is very important. Testing is routinely done on Mercury, Lead, Arsenic and Cadmium.  We also run an element analysis quarterly where other more rare metals would be detected.

    There are significant differences in quality of raw material sites throughout the world. Some raw humate deposits have naturally occurring levels of heavy metals. I know of several in the US such as Utah, the Northern US and SE US. Some of these humates are still usable in industrial applications.  

    Also some sites are exposed to airborne heavy metal drift from coal fired electrical power plants especially where raw materials are stored out in the open for extended periods of time and not used as they are uncovered. These raw materials could likely test for mercury and cadmium.  

    The Fruitland Formation is extremely remote and very far from any coal fired electrical power plants. It is pretty far from anything period.  Raw materials are transported and processed as they are uncovered. The Fruitland's location also prevents a lot of other types of contamination.




  • Pre-Zyme Pro


    What are the Organic Trace Minerals on the label?

    One of the many jobs of trace minerals is as a co-factor for enzymes.  That is, they act as a "trigger" so that the enzymes can do their job.  A trace-mineral-deficient person (as most of us are, especially if we don't take Ultimate Minerals) may not be able to utilize enzymes efficiently if the mineral co-factors are not present. So we added a small amount of what is actually powdered fulvic acid to this product to provide the cofactors.  This is one of the reasons our product is superior and better utilized than other digestive aids.


    Can I skip Ultimate Minerals if I am taking PreZymePro, since it has minerals in it?

    The small amount of fulvic acid in PreZymePro is calibrated to be enough to help the enzymes in both the product and the stomach to do their jobs.  It is not enough to be considered a supplement for daily minerals.


    I've seen studies suggesting that exogenous use of pancreatic enzymes will have negative feedback on the pancreas itself, thus reducing the need for the pancreas to actually do it's job. This is fine in pancreatic cancer patients or others with pancreatitis, but, in healthy individuals I'm skeptical. I don't want to end up with a lazy pancreas and then further on in life have pancreas problems secondary to atrophy from exogenous pancreatic enzymes.

    Can you shed some insight on this?

    PreZymePro contains plant-based enzymes rather than pancreatic (usually swine-based), and it is these pancreatic enzymes which are at the center of the question.  My understanding is that there is no conclusion on that particular question. There is a good summary of the issue with study citations HERE, under the heading "Does taking oral enzymes have an inhibitory feedback on pancreatic enzyme secretion?"

    Do the probiotics and enzymes survive stomach acid?

    Probiotics require a slightly acidic environment, in fact the name of one of them is lactobacillis acidophilus, where acidophilus means “acid-loving.” They are well-suited for surviving stomach acid, especially when taken with food, which raises the pH of stomach acid.

    PreZymePro enzymes are derived from plant sources rather than animal-sourced pancreatic enzymes. Pancreatic enzymes have a much lower tolerance for acidic environments, but plant microbial-derived enzymes are acid-resistant, and can maintain activity at a wide range of pH levels.

    Is Prezyme pro is suitable for Vegans?




  • Flax and Tri-Omega


    How can the TriOmega and Sprouted Flax products last as long as they do without losing their nutrients?

    When a seed is sprouted, it greatly increases the antioxidants, stabilizing the fatty acids from oxidation/rancidity. This is why a sprouted, dried, ground flaxseed can stay shelf-stable so long. In addition, sprouting reduces the enzyme inhibitors in whole or fresh ground seed, so that the nutrients become much more bioavailable.


    What shouldn’t I put my TriOmega or Sprouted Flax in the freezer?

    Freezing is not necessary for storage due to the high content of stabilized fatty acids and high quality of this product. Low temperatures can damage the quality of the product and cause off-flavoring.


    How should I store my TriOmega or Sprouted Flax?

    Both the Sprouted Flax and TriOmega have a 2-year shelf life. Store in a cool dark place.  Do not refrigerate.


    Is the flax and protein tested for heavy metals?

    We don't do heavy metals testing on the final product, but all of the Flax/TriOmega ingredients in are heavy-metals tested before packaging. 





  • Protein and Superfoods


     How are your Plant Proteins made?

    Our plant proteins are very minimally processed in order to be raw and as close to the original plant food as possible. Our newest formulation uses protein concentrates rather than protein isolates, which require additional processing. Fewer processes means the product retains much of the fiber, nutrients, and yes, some of the taste of the original plant, which some who are used to isolates may find a bit strong.


    Why aren’t your Bone Broth Proteins Organic?  

    Bone Broth Protein is a very new product, and not yet on the radar of organic certifiers, so it cannot be labeled Organic. The protein extract is made by simmering US non-GMO grass-ranged beef bones for up to 48 hours, and then dehydrating the resulting broth at low temperatures.


    Is your Bone Broth tested for heavy metals? 

    Yes. Our bone broth products are tested for heavy metals before packing and yes, it has been cleared.

    Getting a clean product is so important and that is exactly why we wanted to make our own! So we can control what goes in it. Our bone broth is made in California, which has the strictest quality standards in the nation. Also, the grass-fed beef source for our bone broth is Sweden, where the pesticides and hormones and antibiotics found in the other bone broth products are illegal to use.  


    Does the Chocolate Bone Broth contain caffeine?

    Our chocolate Bone Broth is caffeine free.


    How are the products made/processed? Any heat involved that may disrupt the nutrients?

    For our products labeled “Raw”: To qualify as a raw product, 90% of the ingredients have to have not been heated above 118 degrees, so most all of the ingredients that are in the products are dried naturally and then cold milled so the powdering process does not heat them via friction.


    Who are the products made by?

    We have copackers in Utah and California we have contracted to mix and pack our products. They are inspected regularly as part of GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) as well as being gluten-free, allergen-free facilities. All those specifications come with a mandated number of inspections and qualifications.


    How are products tested for compliance to be certified organic?

    Every ingredient that is organic has to have the certification attached. We only source from suppliers who are reputable and up on their own certifications.