Group Buy FAQ

  • Why aren’t we offering more items during Group Buy this year?

    Due to the current economic climate and circumstances beyond our control, we’re offering a limited amount of items on Group Buy this year. 

    You can still stock up and save on truly raw almonds; fresh, shelled walnuts; and delicious, raw honey — plus Get 3 for the Price of 2 for most GreenSmoothieGirl products, and 3-day Flash Fast kits for 50% off for 3-packs.

  • When is Group Buy?

    Our Annual Group Buy is usually held once a year in the fall. The Fall 2020 Group Buy is happening from September 13th to November 1st.

    Sometimes, we run a limited Group Buy in the spring.

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  • How do I join Group Buy?

    Anyone and everyone can order Group Buy items. No joining is required.

    If a Group Buy is going on, you can place your order here.

  • How does Group Buy work?

    The GreenSmoothieGirl Group Buy is our biggest sale of the year!

    It's an annual buying opportunity that we arrange by purchasing large quantities from, and maintaining good relationships with our whole foods suppliers, which enables us to get low prices and share them with our community.

    We only charge enough to cover our shipping costs. It’s part of our mission of health.


  • Do I have to be in a Group Buy buying club?

    No. Anyone can purchase Group Buy items when the Group Buy is going on.


  • What products are available in Group Buy this year?

    Group Buy gives you a selection of healthy, whole foods for your pantry and food storage. The idea is to stock up on foods for the year.

    To see what products are available, check out our:

    Group Buy Products

    Note: This link will only show you the products available while a Group Buy is going on.



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