Group Buy FAQ

  • When is Group Buy?

    Group Buy 2019:

    Oct 13 - Nov 30

    We do our Group Buy once a year, usually starting in mid October and ending the last day of November.

    From time to time, we run a limited Group Buy in the spring.

    Be sure to subscribe to our newsletter so you can receive notification of when it kicks off, and receive other information as well. This is the main place that Robyn communicates and writes about the group buy. 

    You can also see on the Group Buy Page


  • How do I join Group Buy?

    Anyone can order Group Buy items. No joining required.

    For smaller quantities or to save on shipping, find a buying club, co-op, or group in your area, visit the Group Buy Forum

  • How does Group Buy work?

    The GreenSmoothieGirl Group Buy is an annual buying opportunity we arrange by purchasing large quantities from and maintaining good relationships with our whole foods suppliers, which enables us to get low prices.

    These low prices are offered to you and we only charge enough to cover our shipping costs.

    It’s part of our mission of health.

    Individuals may purchase directly from the GSG Shop. Most bulk items are 25 lbs, which may be too much for some individuals.

    For this reason, we provide a Group Buy Forum, and suggest ways for our whole-foods customers to join or coordinate a local group order where the large quantities can be split between several buyers.


  • Do I have to be in a Group Buy buying club?

    No. Anyone can purchase Group Buy items.


  • How do I join or start a co-op for Group Buy orders?

    We have set up a Group Buy Forum for that purpose.

    Indicate on the forum whether you want to organize the co-op or join one organized by someone else.

    Coordinators can calculate prices, email members, break orders down, and arrange for pickups.

    We have provided Group Buy Forms and Worksheets.

    Coordinators can use these to organize a group order with friends and community, and also earn some income. The forms make it easy for organizers to set prices for their group. (We recommend a markup of 20% or less.)

    To organize a group, ask someone you know interested in health and nutrition, and ask that person who she knows, and so on. Networking can yield a large list of people who want to participate in your group buy.

    You can reuse and maintain the list of people to do group buys in the future.


  • What products are available in Group Buy this year?

    For a complete and current list of what is available during any individual year, check out our:

    Group Buy Products


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