About xZubi

  • How do I use the xZubi?

    Placement of the xZubi on your various devices is simple. Here are some suggestions to help you decide how to best use your xZubi.


    xZubi Placement on Devices

  • What "high grade materials" are in the xZubi disc?

    xZubi is composed of high grade lenticular materials that will hold up to everyday use.  

    Our adhesive is also the highest grade and was developed by 3M specifically for the xZubi Disc.



  • What is the technology behind the xzubi disc? How does it work?

    World-renown scientists developed a proprietary process, using para-magnetic technology, that attenuates and mitigates the electromagnetic fields emitted by electronic devices.  

    They took these simple, life-defending components and put them together as micro-thin layers where they could be assembled in a small disc to fit small devices like cell phones.

    Once assembled, these components become a fortress in defending you and your loved ones against the damaging effects of electromagnetic fields (EMF's).



  • What does xZubi's Technology do?


    xZubi neutralizes the harmful radiation emitted by your wireless phone and other electronic devices.


  • Does xZubi really work?


    Yes! xZubi has been tested, proven, published, and patented all over the world.


    You can read the FCC study which shows how having a xZubi attached to your cell phone achieves a significant SAR reduction. And also how having xZubi attached improves brain wave function.

    Click below to download the studies:

    SAR Study

    Brain Wave Study


    And Check out these videos showing more proof that they work:





  • Does xZubi work on all wireless phones?


    Yes! xZubi’s slim microchip design can be applied to the back of your phone and will neutralize the harmful EM Radiation from all wireless phones.




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