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I haven't received my VIBE book

All VIBE book orders have already been exported to ship, however, it may take several weeks for your book to arrive.  The book ships from another location that we can't control, and we are told that the books have to route to two places before it gets to you, which just takes longer. Since the books are shipping from a warehouse that is not ours, I am unable to look up the status of your order at the moment, but I assure you that we are working to get books shipped as fast as we can. Thank you for your support!  In the meantime, please enjoy a little gift from us for your troubles. This is a 31-day green smoothie challenge. Our best superfood smoothie recipes that will expose you to a lot of really high vibration superfoods and the highest frequency fruits and greens as well. Thank you for your patience! You'll love the book when it finally arrives.

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