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Where can I get the Healthy Mouth, Healthy Life Masterclasses

You can find the Healthy Mouth, Healthy Life Masterclasses here:

This video course by Robyn Openshaw covers critical information about holistic dentistry methods to help you make the best decisions for your family's dental health.

Videos in the course include:

  1. You CAN Heal Your Teeth
  2. How to Keep Your Teeth CLEAN and WHITE Without Bleach and Toxins
  3. The SECRET About What Prevents Cavities
  4. How Do I Find a GOOD Holistic Dentist Near Me?
  5. What to Feed Kids to Keep Them Cavity Free for Life!
  6. Your Dental Work May Be Making You Sick (and What to Do About It)
  7. What Should I Eat…..for Beautiful Teeth?
  8. Why Some Popular Diets Are Destroying Your Teeth (Which, and Why!
  9. What Your Dentist CAN’T Tell You About Metal Fillings!
  10. Fluoride Makes Your Teeth Stronger….and Your Bones Break!

Holistic Dentist Finder: Developed by GSG, this compilation of every dentist in the U.S. who identifies as being biological or holistic and the services they provide was created after learning that our readers needed help understanding holistic dentistry and finding the best holistic dentist.

Holistic Dental Products: A one-stop guide to finding the special products recommended in the course! You won’t need to hunt for the sources for the non-toxic dental care items that biological dentists use to help heal teeth naturally.

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