• What if I get strep and need antibiotics or I get some other illness and can’t follow what’s recommended to eat in the detox?

    You should eat as you feel to, as you recover from strep, or other illness.  

    And if you have a little more patience before doing ab's, I use colloidal silver, oregano oil, vitamin c, beta glucan and goldenseal to beat strep, without the negative effects of ab's.

    And don’t worry you won't be in "starvation mode." Nor do you need worry about calories but do rest and get better! And simply rejoin as you can.

  • Why would I get a fever on the detox?

    As you probably know, your body induces a fever to kill off bad stuff.

    It can absolutely be part of a healing crisis where the body has just decided that now is a good time to fever.

    It could definitely be related to OLD stuff that needs to be cleaned out. Our body stores stuff in our fat and it can stay in there for years! Clean it all out and be done.

    However, if it persists or gets too high it could be indicative of something more serious. And for that of course you would want to seek medical advice from your health care professional. We cannot give actual medical advice, treat, diagnosis or prescribe.

  • Is fasting okay?

    Intermittent fasting is good for everyone all the time.....humans fasted intermittently since the dawn of time as they didn't have grocery stores.

    And it's the body's chance to clean up and metabolize errant cells like cancer and bacteria.

    No one should worry about "starving" in the first world. Won't happen.

  • Why dry skin brushing? Why do I have welts/rash after skin brushing?

    Dry skin brushing is really important to get the friction going to move lymph, plus clear dead skin cells.

    The skin is an organ of elimination and this could just be the body trying to eliminate something!

    My biggest question is, do they hurt or are they just visual irritations?

    If there is no pain, then I would not worry about it.

    If there is any pain, then I would discontinue the brushing until they settle down. You may wish to consider some bath soaking with various essential oils, epsom salts, and/or ACV.

  • Why am I breaking out in weird skin rashes and or acne?


    Since the skin is one of the main and largest organs of elimination that our body has it is quite common through the detox process as you are releasing various toxins for blemishes and rashes to surface.

    Although it may not look or feel like it at the time try to see it as a good thing.

    Coconut oil is a great moisturizer for the skin and may help to soothe some irritation.  

    Also, remember that the skin is just the “mirror” showing what’s going on in the liver and the gut. It’s common for the skin to do strange things while you detox, but I’m more concerned about what’s going on in organs you CAN’T see.

    Do pay attention to really nurturing the GI tract and liver as we do in the Detox, and you really want to do this twice a year.

  • Why do we use oils in the detox?

    Flax and Hemp oils are essential fatty acids.

    Coconut oil is medium chain triglycerides.

    Olive oil is more about the polyphenols (all very different).

    We're trying to get you the gamut of fatty acids you need in what is quite a lower-fat diet during the detox. Don't neglect those omega 3's!

  • Why Wild Rice?

    Wild rice is clean, no gluten, and gives you some variety.

    Brown rice, a lot of heavy metals contamination issues, if grown in China, since Fukushima (nuclear disaster) but if you can find an organic sprouted brown rice then that’s fine.

    And white rice is simply a processed food.


  • Why Garlic and Onions?

    One of the best detoxifiers there are, the allicillin family.

    Garlic and onion are so good for cleansing.

  • Why sprouted nuts?

    Sprouting neutralizes enzyme inhibitors and unlocks lots of fabulous nutrition that is unavailable to you until water is added to the seed. (Think about what would happen if you planted a seed and didn't add water. LIFE doesn't happen.)

    Once it's soaked, all those enzymes are unlocked, and your body can use them. To lighten the load of the digestive systems, especially pancreas and liver that supply digestive enzyzmes and have only a limited ability to do so, in our lives.....because we were programmed biologically to need and eat a lot of RAW foods with enzymes.

    Sprouting also neutralizes any phytates.

    Make sure to take my 12 Steps to Whole Foods course. One of the 12 steps is all about sprouting, and making yummy crunchy snacks and using LIVING foods made by sprouting nuts, seeds, grains.

    It's the holy grail in your nutrition. Eating more LIVE foods.

  • What about the Parasites and Pathogen Purge...Do I have to do them?


    At the end of our program, we give you suggestions for an excellent comprehensive supplement set for parasites.

    This is beyond our scope to diagnose people with specific toxic issues and get into supplement protocols for them, but parasites feed on dirty protein fragments and our program is super helpful at cleaning it all up, so you are not a good host for parasites anymore.


    Pathogen Purge kit:

    I love the research of Jack Tips ND and Doc Wheelwright ND who are pioneers among living detoxification researchers. They developed that supplement set.



    These are both optional and not required for an effective detox.

  • Is taking ACS or Pure Body Zeolite related to causing some brain fog?

    ACZ or Pure Body Zeolite can give you brain fog if it's working on binding to metal or opportunistic toxins and they're flooding through the neurological system.

    I hate to say it, I know that's uncomfortable, but this is likely a good sign of cleansing. Not to mention that you had a lot to come out, through that channel.

  • Can I chew gum while on the Detox?

    Best to not chew it.

    While we are detoxing let's detox everything including gum chewing which harms your teeth over time.

    But if it makes you crazy, use a good xylitol gum!

  • Where can I find good hemp seed oil and olive oil?

    Check the refrigerated sections at health food stores.

    If you are having trouble, you might buy the hemp seeds whole which are very tasty and can be added to anything.

    I do not have any brands I recommend - I recommend good stores.

    That is, find a store that stands by their products. Many stores will let you taste food items - they will open them up right there in the store. Similarly, they will let you return OPENED packages if you were not satisfied. Find out the stores return policy and see where there is a good one.


  • What are some things that can and cannot be used during Detox?

    Things that can be used on the Detox:

    • Cacao
    • Protein powder (with no sugar)
    • Epson Salt baths
    • Spices
    • Herbal teas (non-caffeinated only)
    • Pickled foods and sauerkraut (as long as there is no salt involved)
    • No salt spices
    • Grapefruit juice instead of lemon juice during gallbladder flush
    • Nutritional Yeast


    Things that can’t be used on the Detox:

    • Bragg’s Liquid Aminos: soy and salt are no bueno
    • Traditional yeast
    • Kombucha
  • Are all the products offered with full membership necessary to experience a full detox?

    Are all the products offered with full membership necessary to experience a full detox?

    Is complete elimination possible without these products?

    The products are not necessary for the detox, but they do optimize and enhance your experience, while providing some benefits of their own.

    The only thing that you NEED to do the detox is the manual, but the support group, products and other services are available for an improved experience

  • Can we drink tea during the Detox?

    Herbal teas are fine to have while on the Detox.

    Dandelion tea is especially good for aiding in the detox process.

    Just make sure to avoid any heavy or artificial sweeteners, caffeine, or dairy creamers.

  • Can we use rejuvelac in our smoothies during the Detox?

    Only use rejuvelac once you have already reintroduced the particular grain you’re using to make the rejuvelac with back into your diet. Otherwise no.

  • Why is nutritional yeast okay to use if we’re supposed to avoid yeast?


    Nutritional yeast is NOT the same thing, at all, as the yeast you use in breadmaking, which we want to eliminate as we burn out molds and fungi from the body in the detox process.

    The word "yeast" is confusing, but nutritional yeast, or brewer's yeast, is not at odds with the purposes of our cleansing.

  • What is the difference between the 26 day detox and 12 steps?

    The 12 Steps to Whole Foods Program is a lifestyle change. Robyn will teach you how to move away from the standard American diet to a lifestyle of whole foods and she teaches you how to do it easily and inexpensively. This program really helps take your nutrition to the next level in your everyday life.

    These are the 12 Steps, with hundreds of delicious recipes

    1. Bye-Bye, Stimulants—Hello Green Smoothies (2x Your Fiber, 10x Your Nutrition in 10 Minutes Daily)
    2. Making Salad the Star (How to Make a Salad A Main Dish You LOVE)
    3. Dressing Up Your Salad (The Healthy Dressing “Makes” the Salad!)
    4. Avoiding Bad Fats, Enjoying Good Fats (Because the Good Fats Burn the Bad Fats)
    5. Reaping a Gardener’s Rewards (In Any Space, Even If You Don’t Have a Yard!
    6. Making Plant-Based Main Dishes (Filling and Inexpensive, for the Best Sleep You’ve Ever Had)
    7. Sprouting and Dehydrating (Replace Your Salty/Crunchy Snacks!)
    8. Preserving Raw Foods with Natural Probiotics (Rehab Your Gut Health, For Cheap!
    9. Replacing White Flour with Whole Grains (Lots of Grains Are Highly Nutritious)
    10. Starting Your Morning Off Right (Whole-Foods Breakfasts, and Even Fabulous Weekend Breakfasts!)
    11. Creating Delicious Whole-Food Treats (One Every Day! Treats Don’t Have to Be Toxic to Be Delicious)
    12. Achieving an Alkaline Inner Terrain (If You’re Ready to Take It to the Next Level!)

    You can request access the 12 Step to Whole Foods FREE Video Masterclasses at this link: http://greensmoothiegirl.com/12-steps/accessnow/

    You can access the 12 Steps to Whole Foods Program options at this link: http://greensmoothiegirl.com/12-steps/specials/


    The 26-Day Detox will take you through 4 different phases, each of which have different recipes utilizing foods to systematically target the detoxification of specific organs in your body. The food required in the detox are real foods that you can purchase at your grocery store or health food store, and you eat plenty of food and should not feel very hungry. Robyn will take you through a colon cleanse, kidney cleanse, gallbladder cleanse, she incorporates detoxing protocols such as dry skin brushing, oil pulling, coffee enemas etc to detox your lymphatic system and liver. It is not just a "diet".

    Each of the 4 phases have different foods. The first phase you will eat lots of smoothies as well as some other raw and cooked foods like a potato soup and steamed broccoli. You will eliminate salt for the entire 26 days and will eliminate sugars for the first 4 days. There are a few days where you eat lots of watermelon and there are lots of really yummy recipes like purple heaven and black bug soup.

    This detox is far superior to most detox programs out there. It changes lives. Robyn incorporates the nutrition, internal cleansing, and healing protocols of Dr. Max Gerson in her 26 Day Detox as well as the protocols of Dr. Bernard Jensen, Dr. Richard N. Anderson, Dr. Ann Wigmore, Dr. Max Gerson, Dr. Johanna Budwig, Dr. Gabriel Cousens, and even Hippocrates. She has researched Detoxing for years, been to several clinics around the world.

    You can request access to the Free Detox Masterclasses here: https://greensmoothiegirl.com/detoxsecrets/

    You can see the different 26-Day Detox program options at this link: http://greensmoothiegirl.com/detoxsecrets/detox-webclass-specials/

    Both the 12 Steps to Whole Foods Programs and the 26-Day Detox Programs are sold separately with no crossover. 

  • Is there an alternative to drinking the apple juice?

    Is there an alternative to drinking apple juice in Phase 3? My body is itchy and blood sugar is off after drinking it for a day.

    This certainly makes me wonder if you have a food sensitivity or even allergy to apples. Some people put ¼ cup raw apple cider vinegar in water, and drink that. While they’re both apples, you may have an easier experience with that, as sugars are low, and the apples are fermented and in smaller quantity. But with similar effects.

  • What are the differences and benefits between ground Flax and Flax oil?

    Both have good Omega 3 EFA.

    The oil form is a bit more concentrated but since it's an oil it also loses some of the other vitamins and minerals in the extraction process (with the exception of vit E) as well as the lignans and fiber which the ground flax contains.

    If you use the GSG ground flax it is also a sprouted seed so it stabilizes the EFA in the seed which increases the conversion efficiency of the EFA's for better bioavailability and also prevents rancidity which the oil and regular ground flax are prone to.

  • What's the difference between your Flax Seed and Tri Omega?

    The sprouted flax is just flax.

    The Tri-omega is sprouted flax, chia, and broccoli.

    Both are great but the Tri-omega has the added benefit of all three seeds

  • Why can’t we use whey protein?

    Whey is a throwaway byproduct of dairy processes, and the dairy industry dried the junk and packaged it as "protein" since that's the only good thing you can say about it.

    It's garbage, and it's highly refined and processed (goes through about 12 different processing stages), and it's generally full of the steroids, hormones, and antibiotics fed the cow.

    Plus people who buy it are generally less educated about nutrition, so they load it up with all kinds of fake GMO sweeteners and flavorings, sugar and chemicals, to try to make it taste like chocolate milk.

  • I'm thinking of repeating or extending the detox. What's the best way to do that?

    Considering repeating the Detox again. Is it better to extend the phases in the plan during the 26 day detox or repeat the 26 day cycle instead or does it matter?

    If you have the self-discipline for it, we LOVE repeating days 1-4. It's so highly efficient, those days. But as you know, they're tough to do.