Detox FAQ

  • Can you tell me more about the 26-Day Detox?

    The 26-Day Detox will take you through 4 different phases, each of which have different recipes utilizing foods to systematically target the detoxification of specific organs in your body. The food required in the detox are real foods that you can purchase at your grocery store or health food store, and you eat plenty of food and should not feel very hungry. Robyn will take you through a colon cleanse, kidney cleanse, gallbladder cleanse, she incorporates detoxing protocols such as dry skin brushing, oil pulling, coffee enemas etc to detox your lymphatic system and liver. It is not just a "diet".  

    Each of the 4 phases have different foods. The first phase you will eat lots of smoothies as well as some other raw and cooked foods like a potato soup and steamed broccoli. You will eliminate salt for the entire 26 days and will eliminate sugars for the first 4 days. There are a few days where you eat lots of watermelon and there are lots of really yummy recipes like purple heaven and black bug soup.

    This detox is far superior to most detox programs out there. It changes lives.  Robyn incorporates  the nutrition, internal cleansing, and healing protocols of Dr. Max Gerson in her 26 Day Detox as well as the protocols of Dr. Bernard Jensen, Dr. Richard N. Anderson, Dr. Ann Wigmore, Dr. Max Gerson, Dr. Johanna Budwig, Dr. Gabriel Cousens, and even Hippocrates. She has researched Detoxing for years, been to several clinics around the world.  

    You might be interested in watching our Detox Testimonials Video

    You can see the different 26-Day Detox program options at this link:

  • What juicer does Robyn recommend?

    Robyn has a Norwalk and she believes this is the best juicer, but others like
    Champion, Omega, Breville, or Jack LaLanne are great as well. 

  • What is the difference between Level 1 and Level 2 in the Detox?

    The Detox Program is 26 days long, and goes through several phases that allow specific organs to rest, purify, and rebuild. You can choose to participate in Level 1, where no special equipment is needed. This is recommended for first-time Detoxers who have been eating the Standard American Diet.

    Level 2 is for people who eat a cleaner diet and are willing to own (or borrow) and use a juicer and an enema (bag or bucket) kit for coffee and/or wheat grass juice enemas.

    Both the level 1 and level 2 protocols are detailed in the Detox Manual, which you get after you purchase the Detox program. 

  • What if I can't find all organic produce for the Detox

    It is best to eat organic all the time but especially while on the detox. You want to avoid putting chemicals and pesticides in your body or on your skin while detoxing. If you can’t find everything organic, its most important that the veggies you juice (if you are participating in level 2) are organic, and I recommend at least buying the following from the “Dirty Dozen” organic (Strawberries, Spinach, Apples, Celery, Tomatoes, Potatoes) as these fruits and vegetables have the most pesticide residues on/in them. Also imported produce from Chile and Mexico is likely to be coated in pesticides banned in the U.S. American-grown produce is preferable, although U.S. growers do use plenty of harmful chemicals.

    If you must buy conventional produce for your detox, please use a good organic veggie wash, available at any health food store or online. You can also make your own inexpensively.

  • How can I detox heavy metals

    The 26-Day Detox is great for detoxing heavy metals. I would definitely take the Ultimate Minerals while detoxing and after. The Ultimate Minerals is a mix of humic and fulvic acid. Fulvic acid has dozens of beneficial uses for the human body. It transports nutrients, is a super-antioxidant, increases alkalinity, modulates hormones, regulates neurologic function, acts as an electrolyte, boosts immunity, and is the best source of bioavailable organic trace minerals. Fulvic acid is also nature’s most powerful natural heavy metal detoxifier.  It has a unique molecular structure that binds to heavy metals, making them inert. They can then be flushed safely out of the body with the help of humic acid.

    We also recommend that you go for EDTA chelations by IV at a good functional medicine practitioner who provides that.

  • I'd like to watch the Detox Masterclasses Bonus Video

    Here is the bonus video in the Free Detox Masterclass series: ADVANCED CLASS #4: Why a PHYSICAL Detox Can Solve EMOTIONAL Problems

    You can find the 26-Day Detox Program Options here.


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Detox Portal and Facebook Support Issues

  • How can I access the Detox Masterclasses?

    You can request access to the Free Detox Masterclasses here:

    If you are a full support or lifetime detox member, you can also access the detox masterclasses within the detox portal. 


  • When is the next live Detox?

    Robyn hosts a supported group detox annually. You can request to be notified when our next group detox happens. When we know the exact date, it will always be shown on the Detox Portal.

    Group detox is an amazing community event. Many detoxers participate so they can be on track with others in the support group. Even if you can't begin on the exact start date, it's great to be detoxing with the group having a common goal and supporting each other. During the group detox, there are Q&A events where you can ask questions or share with the group. These dates are also listed in the Detox Portal.

    A benefit of our detox program is that it allows you to perform a personal detox at any time that is convenient for you, on your own or with a group of friends. All the instructions you need to go through the detox can be found in the detox manual, so start whenever you’re ready!

    Lifetime members can access the portal anytime indefinitely. Full Support members can access the portal for 3 months.

  • What if I forgot my login to the Detox portal?
    1. Go to the Detox Portal
    2. Below the prompts for entering name and password click the link that says: Lost your password?
    3. You will then be prompted to enter your email address associated with your account
    4. Then click the button "Get New Password"
    5. Check your email inbox for a confirmation link to reset your password

    To update your Detox account email or info, please visit Your Account Dashboard

  • How do I join the Facebook Detox Support Group?
    1. Login to the GSG Detox Portal and click Support Group

    Submit the form and follow the instructions. You will need to enter:

      • Your Facebook Name
      • Your Facebook email (the email used for your FB account)
    1. Login to Facebook and add Debbie Detoxwholefoods as a friend +Add Friend

    Your request should be accepted with in 24-48 hours.

    You will receive an email invitation from Debbie Detoxwholefoods ( Please check your spam or promotions folder if you don't find the email in your inbox.

    In the email, accept the invitation. You can now access the support group on Facebook.

    The name of this group on Facebook is “26-Day Detox Support Group”.




    Alternative Approach

    You can also request access to the Support Group within Facebook.

    1. Friend us at
    2. Email us your Facebook name.
    3. We will invite you in Facebook from Debbie Detoxwholefoods.

    Common Problems

    If you are not logged into Facebook or the Facebook App, you may see a Content not Found screen.

    Simply login to enter the Support Group.


    If you are logged into Facebook and see a Content not Found screen, please verify the name and email you provided in the Detox Portal.

    If your name or email are wrong, or you have any problems please let us know

  • How do I schedule my Detox and Daily Emails?

    Once you have logged in to Detox Portal:

    1. In the Step 1 box, Click “Schedule Daily Emails”.
    2. Enter your information and click “Schedule Start Date.”

    You can reschedule your start date and daily emails as many times as you want by going through the above process as needed.



  • I am not receiving Detox Daily Emails. What should I do?

    If you have already logged into the portal and scheduled your emails and detox but have not started receiving the emails yet, first please check your spam or promotions folders.

    If you have been receiving your daily emails but they stop coming, and they are not in your promotions or spam, please log into the detox portal and reschedule your detox emails for the day that you started the detox.

    You should receive the correct email the next day.

    Please note that you can access all the daily content that comes in the emails by clicking the “Daily Content” link in the Detox Portal.