• Why aren’t we offering more items during Group Buy?

    Due to the current economic climate and circumstances beyond our control, we’re offering a limited amount of items during Group Buy moving forward.  

    You can still stock up and save on truly raw almonds; fresh, shelled walnuts; and delicious, raw honey — plus Buy 2 Get 1 (the best deal we do all year) for GreenSmoothieGirl products.

  • When is Group Buy?

    Our Annual Group Buy is usually held once a year in the fall. The Fall 2021 Group Buy will start on Thursday, October 14th and end on Tuesday, November 30th.

    Sometimes, we run a limited Group Buy in the spring.

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  • How do I join Group Buy?

    Anyone and everyone can order Group Buy items. No joining is required.

    If a Group Buy is going on, you can place your order here.

  • How does Group Buy work?

    The GreenSmoothieGirl Group Buy is an annual buying opportunity to get extraordinary prices on most GreenSmoothieGirl items (our biggest sale of the year!) — and extraordinary prices on other healthy, whole-food items for your pantry and long-term food storage. 

    We arrange these great deals by purchasing large quantities from, and maintaining good relationships with our whole foods suppliers, which enables us to get low prices and share them with our community.

    We only charge enough to cover our shipping costs. It’s part of our mission of health.


  • Do I have to be in a Group Buy buying club?

    No. Anyone can purchase Group Buy items when the Group Buy is going on.


  • What products are available in Group Buy this year?

    Group Buy gives you a selection of healthy, whole foods for your pantry and food storage. The idea is to stock up on foods for the year.

    To see what products are available, check out our:

    Group Buy Products

    Note: This link will only show you the products available while a Group Buy is going on.



  • What is the return policy for Group Buy items?

    Due to the extraordinary prices and the nature of the Group Buy, all items purchased during Group Buy cannot be returned unless you receive damaged or incorrect items.

    Reach out to support@greensmoothiegirl.com for any questions.



  • Is there a minimum Group Buy order?

    No. But quantity varies by item.

    For example, most bulk items are 25 lbs. You cannot buy less than 25 lbs, unless you split an order with friends or join a buying group.


  • Do you ship Group Buy items outside of the United States?

    At this time, we only ship to addresses within the continental United States.

    Our Canadian customers can order products from the GreenSmoothieGirl shop year round.

    International customers can purchase books, recipes, and educational materials in digital format. International Products Collection

    Our two most popular wellness programs are also available in international format.

    26-Day Detox and 12 Steps to Whole Foods


  • Will I be charged sales tax for my Group Buy order?

    Sales tax is determined by the laws of the state being shipped to. Sales tax will be calculated automatically when you place an order.

  • How much is shipping for my Group Buy order?

    Shipping is free for GreenSmoothieGirl Brand items.

    Shipping for other items will be calculated by location and weight.

    Click Calculate Shipping to see shipping costs before submitting your order.

    Shipping is free for orders of 1,000 lbs or more within the contiguous United States.


  • Can I pick up my Group Buy order?

    Local pick-up is no longer offered for Group Buy items. All orders are shipped. 



  • Can I pay by check or money order for my Group Buy order?

    The payments we currently accept are all major credit cards and PayPal.


  • Can I add to my Group Buy order later?

    Unfortunately, we cannot add to an order that has been already placed, but you are welcome to place a second order.

    Note to group coordinators from Robyn: I personally order extra of popular items when I coordinate a group, because I always have people come to me after ordering closes. It’s up to you whether you want to risk having excess items. If you find yourself in that predicament, you can offer the leftover items to your group. As my group has grown, I’m able to take that risk because someone will always buy the extras.


  • Can I buy less than 25 lbs? I want Group Buy items, but not in such large quantities.

    To be able to offer such extraordinary prices, we cannot sell in smaller volumes.

    The Group Buy is designed to give you larger amounts of healthy, whole foods, so you can stock up for the year. You can store the items properly and take out smaller amounts as you need them.




  • Will all the items from my Group Buy order ship together?

    No, any GreenSmoothieGirl items you purchase will ship 3-5 days after the order is placed unless we sell out of an item you order, and then, your whole order of GreenSmoothieGirl products will be sent when items are back in stock.

    Your other items will likely ship from different locations at different times. This enables us to get the very best pricing we can get by ordering bulk food items. Please be patient and be prepared to receive multiple shipments, especially if you have a large order.

    We may ship a partial order if an item is back-ordered or hasn't arrived to our warehouse yet.

    We cannot control the delivery logistics once it leaves our warehouse, so boxes may arrive at different times.


  • When will Group Buy orders be delivered?

    Your items will likely ship from different locations at different times. This enables us to get the very best pricing we can get by ordering bulk food items. Don't be alarmed if your shipment comes separated in packages by several weeks.

    GreenSmoothieGirl items will ship 3-5 days after the order is placed unless we sell out of an item you order, and then, your order of GreenSmoothieGirl products will be sent when items are back in stock.

    Almonds and walnuts ship directly from the farmer as they are harvested. They should ship between December 20th and January 15th. Honey should ship by the middle of December. 

    We know this is a long time to wait for your items, but this is how we secure good pricing on these products!

    We will send email notification with tracking info to the email address you provide with your order. If the shipping confirmation email contains a note that your order is shipping via freight, you may be contacted by the delivery company to schedule a delivery time.

    A variety of factors affect Group Buy shipping time frames. Please do not inquire about shipment of your order unless you have received a shipping confirmation with tracking information that indicates a problem.

    Group Buy is not designed for fast delivery.

    We do not guarantee expedient shipping and do not recommend using Group Buy for time-sensitive orders, but we diligently process orders in the order they are received.

    If you have questions, please contact Customer Support.

  • I received a shipment notification for my almonds and/or walnuts I ordered during Group Buy, so why hasn't my order shipped yet?

    When we create shipping labels for almond and walnut orders, a shipment notification is sent. This notification does not mean your order has been shipped, just that the shipping label was created. You can check the tracking number to see your order status. Once your order has shipped, you will be able to track its location.

    When will Group Buy orders be delivered?

  • Is it legal to buy unpasteurized almonds?

    Yes, it is legal to buy unpasteurized almonds. However, it's not possible for most people to find unpasteurized almonds. Since 2007, California requires all almonds to be pasteurized. The "raw" almonds you see at retail stores just means they aren't roasted.

    This Group Buy gives the GreenSmoothieGirl community a way to buy truly raw, unpasteurized almonds that taste delicious for an amazing price. 

    The almonds in this Group Buy are frozen instead of fumigated, and are completely unpasteurized.