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I had SIBO and was told to have high fat, high protein and stay away from carbs. What are your thoughts?

I had Sibo several years ago and I have done a lot of research in regard to this condition. Most dr/nutritionists recommend high fat, high protein. Staying away from highly fermentable carbs. What are your thoughts?


These food fads….the obsession with artificially inflating fats and/or proteins….make me sad, since it was proven long ago, by many studies, that these are fads harmful to human health. A very obscure book you might want to read on this subject that will convince you quickly, with data, is Carbophobia by Michael Greger, MD.

There are 10s of millions of people alive right now on the planet that have essentially 0% cancer and heart disease…..who eat TWICE as many carbs as Americans do.

That’s because “carbs” like Twinkies and bagels, and “carbs” like the whole grain faro and cassava, grown in Africa, don’t even belong in the same class of foods! It’s the diet and processed food industry that has taught you categorize foods by protein, fat, and carb.

The fact is, we should sort foods by whole foods, and processed foods…...and 90% of our disease would disappear, if we valuated them that way. The healthiest people on the planet, now and always, have eaten 80% carbohydrate. It’s the TYPE of carb that matters.

The good kinds have lots of fiber, and are high in micronutrients. (p.s. THOSE are the deficiencies killing Americans. A total deprivation of micronutrients and fiber! ZERO people in the U.S. have a protein deficiency. It doesn’t exist.)

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