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What Skin Care and Cosmetic Products does Robyn Recommend?

Robyn recommends AnnMarie Skin Care and products from The Spa Doctor

For foundation, don't use products containing mineral oil, which are generally the low cost tanning oils and foundations as well as many other skin products. If you’re going to use facial powder or foundation, choose “bare minerals” instead—still not nontoxic, but far better than mineral-oil products.

When choosing cosmetic products, look for natural, greener products at your health food store instead of a discount store like Target or Wal-Mart. Although standard markets are increasingly boarding the organic foods bandwagon, they are slower to offer nontoxic personal care products. 

Brands like Kiss My Face, Vita Bella, All Stop, Burt’s Bees, Garden of Eve, and others are vigilant to avoid endocrine disruptors, heavy metals, and poisonous chemicals in their products. But many who call themselves “nontoxic” eliminate one toxic ingredient for another. So it’s imperative to know what toxic ingredients are and always read labels.

We also have a great resource called the Genius Guides which include a wallet card for Toxic Cosmetic Ingredients you should avoid. 


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