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What does Robyn think about the Autoimmune Paleo Diet?

What does Robyn think about the Autoimmune Paleo Diet? (That Izabella Wentz recommends for Thyroid issues.)


The AIP diet may be worthwhile, short term, while the gut heals...and I’ve discussed this with Izabella, who like Paleo (she’s young, and I’ve spent about 18 more years on this planet studying diet than she has…) but while it’s good in that it bans dairy and processed’s too much meat for me.

I do NOT feel good eating like that. And if you read “How to Not Die”’ll understand why. Best health book of 2016 and there are 130 pages of references to the studies Dr. Michael Greger, MD cites about the power of the plant-based diet.

Izabella is fantastic, and her work is life changing...but Paleo is a fad, and I believe that AIP is a fad too...some good things there, but banning legumes and whole grains? That’s just going way too far!

Most of Africa, with no access to American processed foods, eats just grains and vegetables and they have virtually NO heart disease or cancer, or neurological disease or auto-immune.

I’m actually about to be on my friend Dr. Alan Christianson’s program (he’s an adrenal and thyroid and hormone expert), an NMD, talking about how I reversed my own auto-immune disease with a plant-based diet.

I was recently talking to one of our new employees, who did AIP and felt terrible. Try it if it resonates with you, but remember, it’s just another new fad diet.

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