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What are your thoughts on Bone Broth?

Wondering your thoughts on bone broth? Are the things it supposedly provides such as collagen etc...needed if you are trying to stick to vegetarian/vegan?


We are actually producing our own bone broth protein. Robyn’s friends Josh and Jordan produced the Ancient Nutrition line you see everywhere, but the chickens are fed GMO corn, or at least they can’t guarantee or prove they’re NOT. (They approached Robyn about working with her.)

We think that collagen products are highly processed, but bone broth is a whole food that has been known for hundreds of years to strengthen human bones and ligaments and joints, as well as sooth the GI tract.

So, we’re bringing a monkfruit-sweetened, grass fed bone broth to market. We’re pretty excited about it, because not only is it really nutritious, but the vanilla and chocolate are out of the world, taste-wise. Coming VERY soon!

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