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AIP Diet and Detox Concerns

Robyn doesn't love the AIP diet, as legumes, whole grains, nuts, seeds, and even nightshades are completely legitimate whole foods that people have eaten for 3.4M years, and are not problems for people who don't have a diseased gut.

However, if you DO, and if you are certain that these important food classes are problematic for you, we hope that you rehab your gut, rather than mis-appropriate the problem to be those foods....the problem is the inflammation in your immune system (gut).....and WHEN you bump those foods out of your diet, you simply replace one set of problems with another.

Because then an animal-protein intensive diet is almost forced. (Having eliminated SO many classes of high-fiber, nutrient-dense plant foods.) Some evidence shows that animal proteins cause an inflammatory (antigen) response as well!

So, we aren't huge fans of the AIP diet, though we DO like all the vegetables in it! As well as the no dairy, and no processed foods. Those are some things that we do clearly align with in AIP and Paleo.

Due to Robyn's philosophical differences with this fad within functional medicine, we certainly aren't going to adapt protocols well proven to be effective in human detoxification to it. (One of our own STAFF became much sicker, on the AIP diet....) That said, we want to support you in your healing regimen, and if you're committed to AIP, we are very happy to help you find adaptations. To work around those food classes. Just message us about foods you don't want to eat, and we'll help you substitute!




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