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Why eliminate Sodium when our body needs it?

We aren't trying to change the potassium-to-salt ratio. We're trying to increase potassium slightly, to help trillions of cells "clean house," while eliminating EXCESS of specific type of salts (like table salt most Americans eat far more of, than the body can process) that causes inflammation. We aren't "eliminating" sodium, we're helping the body eliminate a sodium chloride buildup and inflammation overall.

The only people we recommend adding a bit of sole (original crystal himalayan salt dissolved in water, 1 tsp. a day) to the diet are people who are suffering with low blood pressure and "head rush" as they detoxify quickly in the early days of the program. They CAN do that, if they feel low-energy. (They can also drink coconut water, for the electrolytes, or they can have 1, 2, or 3 scoops of our vegan, organic protein powder. Any of those things are likely to help.)

You won't run out of sodium (the element you need) in your body. Not eating table salt is what most people all over the globe do, tens of millions, in native parts of Southeast Asia, Africa, South America, China, India....people who go an entire lifetime without meeting a single person with diabetes or cancer.

Salting your food isn't the way to have a healthy potassium/sodium ratio in your cells. It's just a toxic Standard American Diet practice that, when you stop doing it, can cause some fairly quick shifts.....that are healing and helpful, but can cause dizziness or weakness, in the short term, for folks with low blood pressure.

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