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How can I detox heavy metals

The 26-Day Detox is great for detoxing heavy metals. I would definitely take the Ultimate Minerals while detoxing and after. The Ultimate Minerals is a mix of humic and fulvic acid. Fulvic acid has dozens of beneficial uses for the human body. It transports nutrients, is a super-antioxidant, increases alkalinity, modulates hormones, regulates neurologic function, acts as an electrolyte, boosts immunity, and is the best source of bioavailable organic trace minerals. Fulvic acid is also nature’s most powerful natural heavy metal detoxifier.  It has a unique molecular structure that binds to heavy metals, making them inert. They can then be flushed safely out of the body with the help of humic acid.

We also recommend that you go for EDTA chelations by IV at a good functional medicine practitioner who provides that.

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