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Detox and the Budwig Protocol


Having personally studied at the Budwig center internationally, and even used the Budwig protocol for 3 months herself. Robyn has some opinions about it.

Being on the protocol caused her to feel really mucousy and congested the entire time, and although the stuff was delicious, once off it, all those symptoms disappeared and she was clear again. (Budwig herself said that cottage cheese would NOT be a good replacement for her protocol.) 

Robyn does not believe that ANY American obtained variant of the original Budwig protocol is going to be helpful to a cancer patient. And we highly recommend that you go OFF the Budwig protocol, for this 26 days.

However, if you're committed to it, you can definitely bring it into the detox. We just want to help detox you of excess undigested proteins. And even organic quark in the U.S. if you can get it, isn't what Johanna Budwig supposedly used for many cancer patients. There are other nutrition protocols Robyn feels are far more efficacious against cancer. AND, you are getting your omega 3 fatty acids covered, in the detox program.





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