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Why should I detoxify?

It’s a toxic soup we live in.

I won’t insult your intelligence with an exhaustive parade of the ways our immune system and organs of elimination are daily assaulted and insulted by chemicals and free radicals that cause degenerative disease.

They come from air, water, cleaning agents, food, and even stress. Many people work around industrial chemicals, and some professions have high exposure to toxins, such as cosmetologists and cleaning personnel.

The metabolic processes of the body even create waste products. Add that to bombardment from our processed, excessive-protein, chemicals-added diet. The human body was actually beautifully designed to cleanse and purify and achieve peak performance each and every day.

Understandably, though, under attack, the body can get overwhelmed.

The lungs excrete carbon dioxide. The kidneys excrete urine. The colon expels stool. And the skin releases salty water with other waste products, or sweat.

These are the four major outputs that even the less healthy among us monitor at least loosely. We know when we don’t sweat enough, or we are “constipated.”

However, we’re going to look more closely at a breakdown of detoxification and how we can go significantly further to aid those processes, in this unnatural world of pressure and overload on many of the body’s elimination systems.

Spending the time to learn about it, tune into it in your own body, and engage in simple practices to decrease your toxic load, may just cause your health to become significantly better.

Detoxification is a constant, daily process in the human body.

Some of our organs of elimination are working 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, our entire lives. Detoxifying takes more energy than anything else that occurs in the organism!

It’s important enough that we need to understand it in order to enhance it.

We’re doing a cleanse that is as comprehensive as science allows us to be, for the next few weeks. (After that, you should be assisting your detoxification processes every single day so that your engine runs cleaner.)

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