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My doctor makes fun of detoxing—is this just a silly hoax?

Academically and visually; the best way to verify that colon cleansing has powerful results is to read one of Bernard Jensen’s old texts, Dr. Jensen’s Guide to Better Bowel Care: A Complete Program for Tissue Cleansing through Bowel Management.

Dr. Jensen examined over 10,000 colons in his career.

He didn’t use high-tech equipment such as modern doctors use almost exclusively, but rather he put patients through a protocol that caused them to eliminate many pounds of hardened “catarrhal mucoid plaque.”

That is, a buildup of materials in the lining of the small intestines and colon due to many years of eating inappropriate, heavy, difficult-to-digest, and gluey/fiber-free foods.

It stands to reason that long periods of poor eating habits will cause organs of elimination to become tired and malfunction.

If Dr. Jensen’s books aren’t available to you—or aren’t enough visual, obvious evidence for you—you can certainly search on the Internet and find hundreds of photos of eliminations from people who stopped eating heavy proteins and used fasting or cleanses, usually with clays and herbs, to bring long-accumulated residues out of the body.

And, finally, seeing photos is one thing, but experiential learning is the most powerful.

I had my doubts, too, frankly, until I underwent a serious 21-day cleanse myself nearly 20 years ago.

The results shocked me and made me a believer. (It also committed and motivated me to healthier eating habits like almost nothing else could.)

They were consistent with the results that had been described in Dr. Jensen’s books. (Also Richard Anderson, N.D., whose books Cleanse and Purify Thyself, Book 1 and 2, were helpful as I began to learn about detoxification some 20 years ago.)

When I did a major 21-day detox twice, years later after eating a whole-foods, plant-based diet, those shocking things (catarrhal mucoid plaque) did not come out of me.

Now, these suggestions to put your mind at ease about whether cleansing is actually (a) valid and (b) necessary have focused only on colon cleansing.

In fact, we want you to experience purification of other body organs and systems, such as blood and lymph, liver and kidneys, lungs and skin.

Crystalline buildup in kidneys and gall bladder, through flushing and eating nourishing alkaline foods, can be naturally broken down. That way you’ll never even know that eventually they would have put you through the very painful experience of passing “stones.”

Fiber will bind to bile and remove a much higher amount of the byproducts of your own cells’ breakdown and sloughing off, but will also carry away chemicals that may have had residual effect for many years trapped in various organs.

It makes sense that residues remain, since the body was not designed to digest, assimilate, or eliminate a heavy chemical load.

Part of that will be in resting from the usual onslaught of bad foods most people subject their body to.

But for the most effective elimination through all of those organs, you are highly encouraged to participate in all of the parts of the detox, including skin brushing, deep breathing, and drinking an appropriate amount of water.

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