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Protein and Superfoods


 How are your Plant Proteins made?

Our plant proteins are very minimally processed in order to be raw and as close to the original plant food as possible. Our newest formulation uses protein concentrates rather than protein isolates, which require additional processing. Fewer processes means the product retains much of the fiber, nutrients, and yes, some of the taste of the original plant, which some who are used to isolates may find a bit strong.


Why aren’t your Bone Broth Proteins Organic?  

Bone Broth Protein is a very new product, and not yet on the radar of organic certifiers, so it cannot be labeled Organic. The protein extract is made by simmering US non-GMO grass-ranged beef bones for up to 48 hours, and then dehydrating the resulting broth at low temperatures.


Is your Bone Broth tested for heavy metals? 

Yes. Our bone broth products are tested for heavy metals before packing and yes, it has been cleared.

Getting a clean product is so important and that is exactly why we wanted to make our own! So we can control what goes in it. Our bone broth is made in California, which has the strictest quality standards in the nation. Also, the grass-fed beef source for our bone broth is Sweden, where the pesticides and hormones and antibiotics found in the other bone broth products are illegal to use.  


Does the Chocolate Bone Broth contain caffeine?

Our chocolate Bone Broth is caffeine free.


How are the products made/processed? Any heat involved that may disrupt the nutrients?

For our products labeled “Raw”: To qualify as a raw product, 90% of the ingredients have to have not been heated above 118 degrees, so most all of the ingredients that are in the products are dried naturally and then cold milled so the powdering process does not heat them via friction.


Who are the products made by?

We have copackers in Utah and California we have contracted to mix and pack our products. They are inspected regularly as part of GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) as well as being gluten-free, allergen-free facilities. All those specifications come with a mandated number of inspections and qualifications.


How are products tested for compliance to be certified organic?

Every ingredient that is organic has to have the certification attached. We only source from suppliers who are reputable and up on their own certifications.



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