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Pre-Zyme Pro


What are the Organic Trace Minerals on the label?

One of the many jobs of trace minerals is as a co-factor for enzymes.  That is, they act as a "trigger" so that the enzymes can do their job.  A trace-mineral-deficient person (as most of us are, especially if we don't take Ultimate Minerals) may not be able to utilize enzymes efficiently if the mineral co-factors are not present. So we added a small amount of what is actually powdered fulvic acid to this product to provide the cofactors.  This is one of the reasons our product is superior and better utilized than other digestive aids.


Can I skip Ultimate Minerals if I am taking PreZymePro, since it has minerals in it?

The small amount of fulvic acid in PreZymePro is calibrated to be enough to help the enzymes in both the product and the stomach to do their jobs.  It is not enough to be considered a supplement for daily minerals.


I've seen studies suggesting that exogenous use of pancreatic enzymes will have negative feedback on the pancreas itself, thus reducing the need for the pancreas to actually do it's job. This is fine in pancreatic cancer patients or others with pancreatitis, but, in healthy individuals I'm skeptical. I don't want to end up with a lazy pancreas and then further on in life have pancreas problems secondary to atrophy from exogenous pancreatic enzymes.

Can you shed some insight on this?

PreZymePro contains plant-based enzymes rather than pancreatic (usually swine-based), and it is these pancreatic enzymes which are at the center of the question.  My understanding is that there is no conclusion on that particular question. There is a good summary of the issue with study citations HERE, under the heading "Does taking oral enzymes have an inhibitory feedback on pancreatic enzyme secretion?"

Do the probiotics and enzymes survive stomach acid?

Probiotics require a slightly acidic environment, in fact the name of one of them is lactobacillis acidophilus, where acidophilus means “acid-loving.” They are well-suited for surviving stomach acid, especially when taken with food, which raises the pH of stomach acid.

PreZymePro enzymes are derived from plant sources rather than animal-sourced pancreatic enzymes. Pancreatic enzymes have a much lower tolerance for acidic environments, but plant microbial-derived enzymes are acid-resistant, and can maintain activity at a wide range of pH levels.

Is Prezyme pro is suitable for Vegans?




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