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Flax and Tri-Omega


How can the TriOmega and Sprouted Flax products last as long as they do without losing their nutrients?

When a seed is sprouted, it greatly increases the antioxidants, stabilizing the fatty acids from oxidation/rancidity. This is why a sprouted, dried, ground flaxseed can stay shelf-stable so long. In addition, sprouting reduces the enzyme inhibitors in whole or fresh ground seed, so that the nutrients become much more bioavailable.


What shouldn’t I put my TriOmega or Sprouted Flax in the freezer?

Freezing is not necessary for storage due to the high content of stabilized fatty acids and high quality of this product. Low temperatures can damage the quality of the product and cause off-flavoring.


How should I store my TriOmega or Sprouted Flax?

Both the Sprouted Flax and TriOmega have a 2-year shelf life. Store in a cool dark place.  Do not refrigerate.


Is the flax and protein tested for heavy metals?

We don't do heavy metals testing on the final product, but all of the Flax/TriOmega ingredients in are heavy-metals tested before packaging. 





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