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How are your products made “raw?”


The best short answer is "dehydrated."

It's a little more complicated since we have a raw product (i.e. over 95% of the product was dried at under 120 degrees F).

Everything except the Maca and Spirulina (which wouldn't be safe raw) is dehydrated in various ways under 120 degrees to maintain the raw status.

For example, the Noni Fruit is dried over 3-4 weeks in natural shade under controlled conditions. The Mesquite pods go in a low-temp dehydrator at 100-104 for 4 hours before cold-milling. Stuff like that.

The goal is to remove the moisture from the ingredient so that it can't grow microorganisms (and pass the "micro" test both into the copacker's as an ingredient, and back out as a mixed product).

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