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I'm feeling frustrated, anxious and sad...What encouragement can you give me to keep going?

Just because we're moving towards a more high-vibration life doesn't mean we don't feel frustrated, sad, or stressed sometimes. In fact, when we're finely tuned (as we become when detoxing), we tend to FEEL more, in general. At both ends of the spectrum.

Of course, emotions don't tend to last very long. But we hear this A LOT from detoxers, that as they near the end of the program, they start to feel anxiety about their addictions, and about losing the gains of this process as they go back to "real life."

A big way to help with that is through inviting you into our membership course, 12 Steps to Whole Foods. This comprehensive and lifetime course educates you about the "why" of eating more whole foods, regarding addictions, regarding inflammation, regarding how to do it within a budget, regarding how to deal with family members who don't want to change, and then just walking through the 12 steps to Whole Foods.

Stay strong! I'm really proud of you, too, and I'm glad that even though you're feeling a bit down, you see the huge accomplishment. And after potentially DECADES of an addiction, of course it's going to rear its head now and then.

After 9 days of water fasting, I came home to my healthy eating, then last night I ate in a restaurant with my girlfriends, and had two glasses of wine. Plus brussels sprout risotto (super rich) and grilled fish tacos and several bites of someone's dessert. I didn't sleep well all night and woke up in a slight funk.

Note to self: I felt AMAZING for the few weeks I had no alcohol or anything else bad, and was in total detox mode. I got SO much done and felt ambitious and happy, and woke up at 5 am and jumped out of bed every day.

Even I seem to have to learn many things the hard way, and over and over, for changes to be permanent......I'm thinking about this long and hard today and determined to make better choices at next girls' night. Because now I have to spend a couple days getting back to the joie de vivre I've had before I did this dumb thing. Even I don't live everything perfectly all the time.

But I try not to beat myself up, because as I often say, that just doesn't serve anyone well. 

So, I hope that while anxiety may cause your mood to be lower at times, that you keep refocusing on the big wins here, and make a plan for how to come back to real life, with fewer addictions.

It's still helpful to have done this reboot even if you DO go back to ALL the addictions.....but yes, you want to stay at higher vibrations, and remember, it's a process, not an event.


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