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What are some common detox symptoms I may experience?


Your mouth is dry. Your mouth tastes bad. You smell yourself in various ways and it's unpleasant.

Some body part is swelling, or you taste metal (former chemo patients, people with heavy metal toxicity, PLEASE get ACZ if so. It's good for everyone, we all have heavy metal toxicity, also ACS is fantastic for opportunistics and you'll have some for later if you or a family member gets sick.)

You get zits or a rash.

You're moody. Tell yourself, "I'm releasing ----- and I choose to be at peace with this and let it happen." You may be snippy with people you love.

This is all temporary. You could go back to not being smelly and moody but then you'd be toxic.

You won't have all these things. But you might have one or two.

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