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Is detoxing ‘safe’ for Diabetics and for those on Dialysis?


Of course we can’t advise you about your specific health issues as we are not medical professionals. But what we can do is share testimonials from some others who have done the detox.

Robyn’s editor worked on the detox in detail until it was published 3 years ago. Finally, earlier this year, she did it herself to the letter. At the end of the detox, her endocrinologist took her off one of her medications, because her A1C level was in the normal range! She did the detox again, later in the year, with the same results. She also lost about 15-18 lbs each time. Recently, her endocrinologist prescribed her the GSG detox.

As for dialysis, these medical issues are caused partially by toxicity, but you should consult your trusted functional medicine practitioner.

Traditional MDs often do not know anything about holistic protocols, but make sure it is safe for you.

We got ourselves into this situation of modern degenerative diseases by eating the toxic standard American diet, and cleaning it up has to be part of the solution.

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