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Can this help or hurt if I have recently been diagnosed with SIBO?

SIBO is *caused* by antibiotic use. So now you need to build up your gut. Most of your immune system lives there, and ab’s wrecked it.

We recently tested all the probiotics that my readers sent us, and only OUR (GSG) prezyme pro, and one other brand, actually cultured the medium we tested it on (milk).

But besides taking a good probiotic, and most of them are DEAD and useless after sitting in the supply chain for 1 year or more…..Try to tackle 3-4 different types of cultured foods. Do them for 90 days before even BEGINNING to think that they don’t work, because it takes some time to build up that beautiful, complex inter-highway of many types of probiotic organisms that keep your gut healthy.

Start with our detox, and then do step 8 of my 12 Steps to Whole Foods program, which is all about the many types of cultured foods from all over the world that you may want to try. And like I said, don’t pick one, pick 3 or 4 that you learn to make (they’re all cheap to make) because EACH picks up different cultures.

Do a detox, rebuild your gut with cultured foods, take a quality probiotic made in small batches with an excellent cross section of the good bacteria you’re missing……and if you’re willing and able, do a 21 day water fast if those less-intense options don’t get you back to health.

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