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With so much in 12 Steps...where is the best place to start? How am I to do it all?


That’s why it’s 12 Steps! Just one at a time.

Start with Step 1! Stay there until you’re feeling the difference and that motivates you to take another step!

For your NEXT step, see what intrigues you. You don’t have to do the program in order! And make sure you’re on the Facebook support page (if you purchased that option) to ask questions of us, and your peers….stay plugged in!

And remember, one recipe at a time, adds to your arsenal… don’t have to learn a LOT of habits to find that, voila! You’re a whole foodie! And you’ll slowly but surely start to feel and look better.

We aren’t super militant about food around here, but we try to keep our diet organic, mostly plant based, and minimize dairy, gluten, and processed foods.

If someone wants to take it that extra 10%, any occasional recipe that calls for something they don't want can almost always be left out or substituted, and we're happy to help with ideas.

Robyn recovered her health by eating 60-80% raw, mostly organic, primarily plant based foods, and she keeps dairy, gluten grains, and processed foods to the "fun foods only" zone and feels that there has to be a bit of "play" in the diet in order to have a social life and not feel like a "mistake" you make is catastrophic and means you can't eat healthy.

Some people with really serious health problems may need to be extremely vigilant about their diet for a time, with a zero-tolerance policy towards sugar, dairy, gluten, and/or meat for some.

Robyn’s way of maintaining optimal health is to be vigilant about the 60-80 percent of her diet being greens (salads, green smoothies, green juice are DAILY staples, she never misses) veggies, and then fruit, legumes, whole grains mostly the gluten free kind, nuts and seeds. For sure she “plays” on Saturday nights, and occasionally...and then doing a very strict DETOX twice a year...She believes this the “2017” way of navigating a toxic, fast-food world, where you live with and around people who have no idea how to be healthy, and you have a social life, but you also maintain some basic principles of good nutrition.

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