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Why is there dairy in the recipes in 12 Steps?

If dairy is an inflammation food, why is it in recipes in 12 Steps?

If it’s alright to use occasionally what is the rule of thumb with how often you eat dairy products before it is bad?


We have very few recipes in 12 Steps that use dairy, VERY few. And the recipes that might suggest feta or parmesan are optional ingredients.

Now, FERMENTED dairy products break down those problematic proteins, and so for most of us, it's worth a try, and potentially part of your strategy to have a healthy gut.

Fermented dairy products are the one dairy category I would routinely feel comfortable recommending (but use no-RBSt hormone milk, better yet if you can find RAW milk). If you’re avoiding Daily altogether, you’re in luck: Step 8 has many, many cultured-food habits that don’t involve any animal’s milk.

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