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What is the difference between 12 Steps to Whole Foods and the Detox?

The 12 Steps to Whole Foods Program is a lifestyle change. Robyn will teach you how to move away from the standard american diet to a lifestyle of whole foods and she teaches you how to do is easily and inexpensively. This program really helps take your nutrition to the next level in your everyday life.

These are the 12 Steps, with hundreds of delicious recipes

  1. Bye-Bye, Stimulants—Hello Green Smoothies (2x Your Fiber, 10x Your Nutrition in 10 Minutes Daily)
  2. Making Salad the Star (How to Make a Salad A Main Dish You LOVE)
  3. Dressing Up Your Salad (The Healthy Dressing “Makes” the Salad!)
  4. Avoiding Bad Fats, Enjoying Good Fats (Because the Good Fats Burn the Bad Fats)
  5. Reaping a Gardener’s Rewards (In Any Space, Even If You Don’t Have a Yard!
  6. Making Plant-Based Main Dishes (Filling and Inexpensive, for the Best Sleep You’ve Ever Had)
  7. Sprouting and Dehydrating (Replace Your Salty/Crunchy Snacks!)
  8. Preserving Raw Foods with Natural Probiotics (Rehab Your Gut Health, For Cheap!
  9. Replacing White Flour with Whole Grains (Lots of Grains Are Highly Nutritious)
  10. Starting Your Morning Off Right (Whole-Foods Breakfasts, and Even Fabulous Weekend Breakfasts!)
  11. Creating Delicious Whole-Food Treats (One Every Day! Treats Don’t Have to Be Toxic to Be Delicious)
  12. Achieving an Alkaline Inner Terrain (If You’re Ready to Take It to the Next Level!)

You can request access the 12 Step to Whole Foods FREE Video Masterclasses at this link:

You can access the 12 Steps to Whole Foods Program options at this link:


The 26-Day Detox will take you through 4 different phases, each of which have different recipes utilizing foods to systematically target the detoxification of specific organs in your body. The food required in the detox are real foods that you can purchase at your grocery store or health food store, and you eat plenty of food and should not feel very hungry. Robyn will take you through a colon cleanse, kidney cleanse, gallbladder cleanse, she incorporates detoxing protocols such as dry skin brushing, oil pulling, coffee enemas etc to detox your lymphatic system and liver. It is not just a "diet".

Each of the 4 phases have different foods. The first phase you will eat lots of smoothies as well as some other raw and cooked foods like a potato soup and steamed broccoli. You will eliminate salt for the entire 26 days and will eliminate sugars for the first 4 days. There are a few days where you eat lots of watermelon and there are lots of really yummy recipes like purple heaven and black bug soup.

This detox is far superior to most detox programs out there. It changes lives. Robyn incorporates the nutrition, internal cleansing, and healing protocols of Dr. Max Gerson in her 26 Day Detox as well as the protocols of Dr. Bernard Jensen, Dr. Richard N. Anderson, Dr. Ann Wigmore, Dr. Max Gerson, Dr. Johanna Budwig, Dr. Gabriel Cousens, and even Hippocrates. She has researched Detoxing for years, been to several clinics around the world.

You can request access to the Free Detox Masterclasses here:

You can see the different 26-Day Detox program options at this link:

Both the 12 Steps to Whole Foods Programs and the 26-Day Detox Programs are sold separately with no crossover. 

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