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Are grains inflammatory?

My generic lab results shows positive on gluten sensitivity and celiac gene.

You said whole grains are anti-inflammatory. But my functional said all grains are inflammatory.

She actually said, all grains have gluten (proteins), which I understand all grains have protein , but not all proteins are bad for people with GS or CG, right?

While I believe these very popular, trending food sensitivity tests show many people to be ‘sensitive’ to legumes, and to whole grains, a few points may be helpful to you.

First of all, legumes and grains are good food. Read the best book to come out about health in 2016, Dr. Michael Greger, MD’s How Not to Die. There are millions of people all over the globe who get virtually NO heart disease, cancer, or autoimmune disease. And guess what they eat. Vegetables and grains, the vast majority of their diet.

I privately think that the powerful meat/dairy industry is behind these auto-immune protocols that are also trending, because if they can run legumes and whole grains out of town, people are essentially FORCED to eat meat (sometimes dairy), just to get enough calories, enough to eat!

Just know that even if you abandon certain classes of foods, like nightshades and some grains and legumes, for a short time, while you heal your gut–and healing your gut is CRITICAL (all the high-fiber foods throughout 12 Steps and ESPECIALLY the cultured, high-fiber foods in Step 8 are important for you), please don’t take your functional practitioner taking you off these GOOD foods that you’re potentially reacting to, as evidence that grains and legumes are bad foods, categorically. Nothing could be further from the truth. And you CAN heal your gut and get back to eating all good whole foods.

More scientists are starting to discover that the problem isn’t the gluten in grain--the problem may be a few other issues.

First, heavy spraying with glyphosate (Roundup). Second, eating too much grain, and all of it processed (flour, bran/germ removed), for many years.

Fact is, many people who think they are “gluten intolerant” do just fine with the ancient grain Kamut. And it has DOUBLE the amount of alpha gliiadin in regular wheat. So, there are some missing puzzle pieces that are getting more attention--the story isn’t fully told yet.

And how sad that your functional practitioner knows so little about how most of the healthy populations of the world eat--TONS of grains and legumes as well as greens and vegetables--that he or she is throwing the baby out with the bathwater!

We sick, obese Americans need to take a page from Africa and India who eat non-hybridized, organic vegetables and grains all day, every day….and don’t get any cancer, heart disease OR auto-immune disease. Legumes are good food, period.

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