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How can I keep losing weight long term?

I lost weight on the detox and then gained some of it back. Now I’m doing 12 Steps but not losing weight as much as I’d like.  How can I keep losing weight long term?


Stay the course and remember that this is a lifestyle change. You didn’t get to the condition you’re in overnight and you won’t get out of it that quickly either.

You may continue to experience various detox symptoms as you progress through 12 Steps and add new things and foods to your daily diet. Stay vigilant and aware and open. Keep track of foods that may have an adverse effect on you and adjust accordingly.

Trust the process. And trust that as you keep putting in more good whole foods, your body is making the changes that it needs to in order to be well...and if weight loss is what it needs it will do that too.

Also I suggest making green smoothies--heavy on the greens, light on the fruit--a bigger part of your diet. And/or big, colorful, high-variety salads. With greens, yes--but also veggies (raw or steamed), and legumes like kidney beans or black beans or chickpeas. Bulky, high-fiber plant foods, in whatever form YOU prefer them (smoothies, salads, stir fries, etc.) are the answer to pushing other addictive, processed foods that cause weight gain OUT.

Now, if you’re doing all that, and not losing weight?

Google a bioidentical hormone specialist, in your area, and get a full blood panel. (Not a regular OB/GYN or GP. They just measure your TSH and send you home if you’re within their HUGE “normal” range.) You may have a hormone issue, if eating super-healthy doesn’t cause weight loss. Thyroid disorder is very, very common.

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